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Inline DIP Components AOI Machine

Through the high-resolution industrial camera, take pictures from the top surface of the electronic circuit board, and through intelligent image analysis, detect the errors, leaks, and reverse defects of the plug-in components on the electronic circuit board. This equipment can be used in front of or behind the wave soldering furnace. When used in the back of the furnace, it can automatically detect the rotation angle of the board to ensure the accuracy and stability of the component detection.


  • Self-developed deep learning algorithm
  • General intelligent model based on big data training
  • On-line inspection to improve capacity utilization
  • Deep and streamlined programming process, fast programming
  • Desktop design, convenient installation, does not affect the original production line

Simple programming and easy plate making

  • Smart component search function, search all trained component types with one click, and automatically complete parameter configuration
  • Customized component quick search function, through component feature search, automatically find similar components
  • Component copy and paste function, quickly copy parameters to other components
  • Gerber file coordinate import, quick box selection of components and missing code verification
  • Simplified process setting and parameter interface, without complicated operation, easy to learn

Use of deep learning algorithms, combined with big data to train intelligent models

  • The first convolutional neural network algorithm used in the industrial field
  • Train algorithm models through tens of millions of actual component samples, high generalization
  • Human Like detection method, better compatibility
  • Support user-defined expansion and training, can learn evolution
  • Super detection ability, lower false alarm rate

Detailed SPC, comprehensive data, traceable

  • Supports automatic identification of barcodes and QR codes without the need for external code scanning equipment (AIS201-12C and above)
  • Automatically bind test results and upload to database
  • Quick query of production reports, remote viewing, data tracking
  • One-click export of reports, personalized settings, saving statistical time
  • Various statistical charts, easy to analyze the quality and improve the process

Industry 4.0 remote centralized management

  • Remote viewing and management of all device data
  • Remote monitoring, know the device status
  • Support remote plate making, remote debugging, remote customer support
  • Quick response, reduce interruption and improve efficiency